Hello sex educators! Or you who think you are…

Think you know everything about sex education?

You might, but maybe I can enlighten you!

With this project, I hope to explore the conversation of sex education in schools. I will introduce articles that pose compelling arguments regarding: age appropriate health class discussions, contraception accessibility and the teacher-student relationship in the classroom. I hope to summarize the sex education debate and conclude to what extent sexuality should be incorporated into the academic curriculum.

I will dive into the conversation by reading news articles, school board meeting notes, health magazines, sex blogs. News articles include those of The New York Times, Washington City Paper, and those of a similar nature. Also, health magazines and sex blogs may be helpful to learn about the newest, most effective ways to educate teens (or younger) about all they need to know regarding sexual activity.

I chose this topic because I am passionate about education and I wonder whether students are provided with the necessary resources to learn about sex at an early age. I don’t know much about sex education in schools other than my own small town in central Massachusetts, so I am interested to find out more about how in depth other schools systems go while educating their students about sexuality.

Stay posted for interesting advances in the field of sex education!