Welcome to the world of sex.

To expand upon my project proposal, this blog will explore the discussion of whether sex education should be taught at school. If the answer to this question is yes, I will touch upon the different types of sex education levels (such as abstinence only, abstinence based, sexually explorative education, etc.) With this blog, you will learn about what you can do as a parent, student, educational professional, and friend or mentor in the field of health and sex education. This blog will introduce you to different types of contraceptives you may have never heard before, while reminding us of the other more traditional ways to protect ourselves from STIs and infection (and simultaneously against getting pregnant). I will offer various statistics to show how sex education is presented across the country as well, and in what states. In addition, I will provide outlets for students to seek out additional sexual education online, if they do not have these resources at school.

I will further investigate which percentages of parents intervene in their children’s sex education program, which percentage parents supplement this program and to what extent (if any) parents will substitute for this program in general. While some parents prefer to be their child’s only source of knowledge about sex education, it is interesting to see how studies say that these kids turn out.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and further participate in this discussion in your child’s school one day. Where will you stand as a parent? If you are an educational professional, what is over-stepping your bounds in the field of sex education? How far is too far? We will find out from a few people who find themselves in these positions now.

While I am not a sex educator myself, please seek me out for further resources and possible contacts to help answer any questions you may have about the field of sex education.



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