Follow up: NPR Survey of Parents/Public on whether sex ed should be offered in US schools?

As previously mentioned in my last post, National Public Radio conducted a survey of the general public and parents nationwide in regards to sexuality education. NPR hoped to feel out whether parents were okay with sex ed being taught in schools. Here are their findings:

Should sex ed be in schools?: (“Sex Education“)

7% say no

93% say yes

When we dissect these statistics, we learn that like my parents, most just give consent to whatever is offered in their child’s school. In saying this, even public school principals have reported very little conflict over sex ed (“Sex Education”). However, this does not mean that Americans agree on which sex ed approach is best…

In terms of other survey statistics:

  • 15% of Americans believe that schools should teach only about abstinence from sexual intercourse and should not provide information on contraception
  • 46% believe that the most appropriate approach to sex ed is abstinence plus, where schools should include lessons on contraception
  • 36% say abstinence is not important (“Sex Education”)

In my opinion, no one should impose beliefs or morals upon others in regards to their own sexual behavior. That being said, abstinence as an option and the discussion of contraception and responsible decision making will always be my vote.



Works Cited:

“Sex Education in America: General Public/Parents Survey.” National Public Radio, 2011. Web. 18 Mar. 2012.

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