Why can’t we take biology a step further to discuss sex?

According to Roland Martin in his article “Sex Education Should Be Mandatory in All Schools” on CNN.com, too many parents are living in denial about their children having sex (Martin).  I have been exposed to this denial firsthand, as I was raised with avoidance of the word sex or anything that could relate to sexual activity, until I asked at the age of 12.

This article reminds the reader that both safe sex and abstinence should be dealt with in an educational setting. New York City, an example city school system, should be commended for confronting the sex reality, since they cover both important topics (Martin). On the same token, the New York City Parents’ Choice Coalition is upset with videos that demonstrate to students how to put on a condom (Martin). Just like the common theme of most of these articles, it is important for parents to accept reality and understand that if they want their child to receive a well-rounded sexuality education, they must allow education professionals to step in and supplement their upbringing.

Much controversy arose over the mandatory sex education in New York City schools, as well as many questions that were difficult for the public to answer. On ABC Local in New York, a news segment explored the discussion about these mandatory classes. Many concerns were voiced, including what is the appropriate age for kids having sex and who should be teaching kids how to use a condom, to name a few (“Controversy Rises“). Although this class is mandatory in the NYC school system, parents may object to specific field trips (such as sending their kids to buy condoms and report back on what they bought/learned) and parents may also withdraw their children from class if they so choose (“Controversy Rises”).

In terms of the type of sex education provided, while abstinence is the only way to be 100% safe, we must acknowledge that a significant amount of teens are having sex. “[W]e can’t stick our heads in the sand” and ignore that it happens (“Controversy Rises”). In other words, we cannot ignore that especially in this generation, our children are sexually active and we have to provide them with the necessary resources to make smart decisions about their sexual behavior.



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