Having “The Talk” with your kids… awkward? Not for long, thanks to Mr. Vernacchio!

TED Talks welcomes a familiar face to my blog, Professor Al Vernacchio from Pennsylvania. In this segment, Vernacchio discusses sexuality and intends to “reframe” the ways his audience talks about sex (“Let’s Talk”).  Using the same baseball reference that I quoted in my previous entry, he reminds us of our constant comfort in using the baseball metaphor do describe whether are “pitchers or catchers” during sex, whether we “strike out” with someone, and those who “play for the other team” (“Let’s Talk”).

Already, I notice that Mr. Vernacchio can relate to students through this lecture. With his use of baseball and other metaphors such as pizza, he makes it seem effortless to draw in a group of uncomfortable teens. In addition to easing the crowd, his metaphors make it easy to breakdown awkward and complicated conversations. Mr. Vernacchio compares triggers for sexual activity, what happens during, and the outcome of sexual activity. While these are concepts that may seem simple to most, depending on the age they are introduced, these simple metaphors do just the trick to simplify them and make them less intimidating for all parties involved.

I also stumbled upon a great youtube video posted by the College of the Atlantic, who held a lecture from Mr. Al Vernacchio where he spoke about how parents should approach “the talk” with their kids. Once again, he simplified an awkward conversation and allowed parents to ask questions about the approach. I will admit that I sat through 1.5 hours of his lecture and time flew. Mr. Vernacchio engages his audience and introduces many suggestions that I would never think to use when discussing sex with my kids. I strongly recommend this video for all who are/hope-to-be parents.  I can guarantee his tips will really get the ball rolling for the inevitable conversation and I bet both you and your child will gain a lot from it.



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