How to approach sex education in college… Harvard University tells all.

In terms of college-aged students, there is an ongoing conversation about sex going on at most college campuses. With the easy availability of diaphragms, condoms, lubricant, and implanons, passer-bys will often wonder what the table is set up for, but during Harvard Sex Week there are many sex education venues around campus in Cambridge. I found this idea fascinating, as I would love to have such an open campus community that fostered the comfort of sexual health discussions at any time of the day.

Apparently this idea started at Yale University in 2002 and “has since spread to colleges across the country from Harvard to the University of Kentucky and Washington University” (O’Connor). During Sex Week at Harvard University, you can find “a student-run program of lectures, panel discussions and blush-inducing conversations about all things sexual” (Quenqua). The “newer versions of these student run weeks give advice on everything from hooking up on campus to feeling more comfortable and fulfilled sexually” (Quenqua). Frankly, I haven’t seen this publicized nearly enough, especially in the DC area. More campuses across the US need to have a more open policy about sex education and have more resources available for students, since college is generally a very sexually active age.

Thinking about how things are here at American University, I wish there were more free testing centers in the area for STDs and HIV/AIDS along with more resources to seek out information about sexual health, other than the expensive health center. In addition to resources in the AU area, I’ve realized there are not nearly enough resources for those looking to get tested in the DC/MD/VA area, or at least they are not well marked and available to the community.

I would be interested to see how testing works at other universities… is it free? Or do students have to seek out testing centers in the community as well?



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  1. citygirlblogs
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 04:54:16

    I would love to try to bring a Sex Week to AU. Would you have any interest in helping to see if that is possible?


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