Glee “comes out” with a transgender character… thoughts?

According to Instinct Magazine, Glee “made waves and history by introducing its first transgender character” on the Tuesday night, April 17 (Higbee).  The transgender character, Unique, is an African-American student and performer, hoping to find her place as an outsider in the high school community (Higbee). Previously known as Wade, a shy student from a different high school, Unique stormed through the halls of McKinley High and sought out Kurt and Mercedes to help clarify his identity on-stage. While Kurt identifies as a man, he was still able to provide some insight on how to dress differently and flaunt it.

As a proud child of GLAAD, Glee took steps in the right direction to expose a controversial public figure on national television. With the help of faithful Glee fans, Unique’s appearance was received well and she will likely be returning for another episode in the near future.

Fortunately, this portrayal was done surprisingly well and I applaud Glee for making such a daring move. I hope that we will continue to see new characters of all sexual orientations and with various identities, to help expose the younger generation to our “uniqueness” at an early age – to essentially create a more tolerant society in the near future. Same goes for educating students; at an early age, students should learn that it is okay to be different.

What do you think? Is it appropriate to introduce a transgender character on a television show for young adults? Should transgender identity be covered in sex education?



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